The Leadership Lackawanna Core program Class of 2017 completed three service projects this year. As part of the 10-month curriculum, participants collaborate with local nonprofit organizations to complete various projects. In doing so, it helps enhance participant leadership skills and fosters teamwork. These projects impact the community, address a need and result in a tangible end product. The projects this year were:

1. Artists For Art (AFA) Gallery: In collaboration with the gallery’s 29th birthday, the class reintroduced AFA to the community through new marketing material and membership information, engaging a whole new audience and celebrating “the visual arts” though an exciting community event.

2. Friends of the Poor:participants helped market the Friends of the Poor’s new “Need a Ride?” program, which provides free transportation to and from medical appointments to Carbondale residents who can safely ride in a minivan. They also helped create an electronic data gathering system that the Friends of the Poor will be able utilize for the daily administration of the program.

3. Saint Joseph’s Center:participants marketed the center’s First Home Program, which assists mothers from Walsh Manor and the Mother/Infant Program when they move into permanent housing. We created marketing materials, organize and implement a volunteer team campaign and create a social media based inventory/collection system for the First Home Program. The system will now assist in maintaining the program’s furniture inventory, requesting members to seek out, transform and store quality home goods for the Program.

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